AquaRain... The World's Best Water Filter System!

Let me introduce myself. I am Bob Burney, the president of AquaRain, Inc., and the designer of the AquaRain Natural Water Filter System. I have been in the business of providing safe drinking water for almost twenty years now, and I know first hand the challenges families face finding clean AND affordable drinking water. That is why I am so happy to be able to share with you the good news of the AquaRain...a water filter system that really works and at a cost of only pennies per gallon!

Safe and great tasting water...only two cents a gallon?

I’m sure you’ve read articles or heard TV broadcasts about water quality problems that have made you wonder whether you should or need to improve the water that comes from your tap. You may simply want it to taste better... and your answer may be found in the AquaRain Natural Water Filter System. The operation of the AquaRain is so simple! It uses NO electricity, has NO plumbing connections, and needs NO chemicals to work. The AquaRain is completely portable and the filter elements founds within the AquaRain Natural Water Filter System are effective in making water clean, wholesome, and taste great! Not only that, but they are so long lasting that you are able to filter thousands of gallons of water prior to replacing them

It’s hard to believe,... The AquaRain could be the last water filter you may ever have to buy for your family!

When I designed the AquaRain Natural Water Filter system, I did so with families like yours in mind. The AquaRain may be the singular answer for your everyday drinking water needs! I know what it is like since I was once as concerned as you are about safe drinking water...buying expensive pitcher filters and hauling home jugs of bottled water...even having water delivered to my home. Being a husband and father, I really felt passionate about this work and I had a couple of goals in mind...I wanted a filter that worked... it had to be easy to had to be had to be long lasting (nothing is worse than having to buy replacement parts every couple of weeks!) Well, all my goals were met (and then some) in the AquaRain. Consider the outstanding features of the AquaRain:

• The hard filter elements are so long lasting, they make the water cost only about 2 cents per gallon!
• The hard ceramic shell may be cleaned up to 200 times and will last for thousands of gallons.
• The Space Age ceramic technology removes bacteria and protozoan cysts making the water wholesome and safe to drink.
• Inside the ceramic shell is a bed of granulated activated carbon to adsorb pesticides, organic chemicals, chlorine, tastes and odors.
• The AquaRain is energy-free and operates by gravity, requiring no plumbing, power or chemicals. It can be situated anywhere!
• The attractive and durable stainless steel housing will fit into any decor and the easy lift handles make the system so easy to use!

Having been in the water business for over twenty years, I’ve had the opportunity to help alot of families with their water concerns. Let me share with you some things we’ve learned over the years and some of the concerns people have expressed to us...

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